That was in the nineties. The company has since grown but the spirit of creativity, nonconformity and courage is just as present now as in the early days. Products are born here that are somehow tied to the outdoors, sports and the public space. From garden furniture, skiing equipment and camping car assemblies to station platform roofing and noise barriers. New topics appear spontaneously, being brought by the changing interests and needs of the lives of the people in the company. As you may expect, when the head of the company is also the chief designer. The heart of the company is Egoé studio, a think shop, which supplies product design for all the Bílovice brands. It also creates their communication concepts, published its own magazine 519 and organizes WiFičVEN!, the multi-genre festival which annually fills the industrial premises with people, culture and good food.


Radek Hegmon

designer & founder

Richard Vodička

head of the studio

Bob Novotný

senior designer

Jan Talík

senior designer

Dan Golík

senior designer

David Zezula

art director & communication strategist

Vlaďka Černá


Radim Horáček


Tom Knot


Judita Šustrová


Gabriela Polomíková

graphic designer

Annamária Dovalová