Design that follows your heart BEAT

4. 12. 2020

Avid skiers themselves, our designers have always dreamt of creating a touring ski.

Skis for free spirits, environmentally conscious people who want to enjoy wild nature in winter while causing minimal interference.

We wanted to create an alternative to mainstream ski design and at the same time reference the simple timeless look of skis from the 1970s to 1990s, such as the Italian Nordica. Our touring skis' graphic design was born in cooperation with a young graphic artist Alice Fialová and is based on an actual recording of a heartbeat of a former successful Czech professional skier Adam Zika. Hence its name: BEAT.  It also works as a visual map of emotions a skier goes through in the course of an uphill climb followed by the euphoric descend. It is part of a whole new communication concept for the Egoé brand which articulates how its products, that promote life outdoors, change how people feel about the world and themselves.

The logo of the producer is hidden on the ski base and does not interfere with the graphic narrative.

The ski was developed and manufactured in cooperation with a well-established Czech ski maker Lusti. Its core is made from the extremely light Paulownia wood, making it one of the lightest skis on the market.