Exhibition ‘Design + kilometers’ in Ostrava

12. 6. 2019

Design process uncovered within Landscape festival 2019

The modular system LEVA (by Egoé) served for the first time as an outdoor gallery in public space. We connected eight LEVA cubes and incorporated WINKL benches to create a unique exhibition space. Students from the Public Art School (ZUŠ) in Ostrava Poruba took part in competition for patterns on noise barrier noba digi mini (by mmcité). This was in June, 2019. By the end of July selected motifs were already on real noise barrier on the outskirts of Ostrava.

title: Design+kilometers
part of Landscape festival in Ostrava (2019)

concept: studio 519 – Radek Hegmon, Richard Vodička
design: studio 519 – Bob Novotný
texts: studio 519 – Vlaďka Černá
student competition – David Zezula