Experience generator: Egoé Nestbox

18. 5. 2020

We delved into the design of a camping car assembly to serve our own desires for nomadic life, or at least for a nomadic holiday. With the highest demands on the aesthetic value of the kit, the priority always lay in functionality and numerous accessories built into it to make life on the road truly comfortable.

The most valuable feedback for a designer, however, is to see his own product used by customers and serving its purpose with merit in their lives. The fan base of our Nestbox is incredible, creative, life-loving and ever-growing. Their stories are epic and we fall in love with them. One for all: Czech photographer and visual artist Jiří Thýn spent vacation in Slovenia with his family of four in VW Multivan equipped with our Egoé Nestbox Roamer. Charming photographs taken by Jiří while on the road in summer 2019 are more eloquent than thousand words.

We believe that this camping kit is more than functional accessory for travellers, it’s a experience generator without any doubts. Our ambition is to develop assemblies for every car size.