Game-changing bus terminal in Havířov

16. 11. 2020

In Havířov we were honoured with the task of designing the bus station terminal adjacent to a train station which boasts a unique and valuable historical station buildings. We were inspired by its shapes and our design communicates with it on several levels.

We were also able for the first time ever to integrate real trees into the platform design. We have always tried to bring nature into our projects in the form of green walls or roofs. In fact, in one of our most recent projects in Čelákovice we designed platform roofing inspired by a tree alley. In Havířov we opened the roof in five places and planted trees which would one day grow through these openings and allow people to wait for their connections in the shadow of real trees. These trees also function as an extension of a small park situated on the outer side of the bus terminal.

The story of the station renovation has another very important aspect. The modernist 1960s main building had deteriorated to the extent it was decided to tear it down and replace it with a new facility. Fortunately, local architects together with the public were able to reverse this decision at the last minute and the outstanding architecture has been renovated. The new transport hub is a prime example of quality contemporary architecture and functional urban planning. In a part of town that is socially and economically disadvantaged it is an important signal that every community deserves the best solution for its public space and public transport infrastructure.