In good times and in bad

13. 4. 2021

This year, our products that have received nods in design competitions are those that make life better in times of pandemic. All of them have been our topics for quite some time and it shows in the quality of their design.

The Leva modular system was first created five years ago for private gardens. Last year we developed the system further and today we have two more lines ready: outdoor office or classroom which will define space for work and study in the open air, and also a sturdy version to be used as a resting place in public spaces, such as petrol stations, cycling and hiking paths or in front of train and bus stations. (Red Dot 2021)

Our camping conversion has already been acknowledged by experts in the past. This year, it was its smallest version called Tramp which has made comfortable camping in a car accessible to much wider demographic. (Good Design 2021)

We have been designing skis since 2015 in cooperation with the Czech producer Lusti. Last year our dream came true and we designed our first touring ski. (Red Dot 2021)

 With our garden furniture our primary aim is comfort and our soft seating lines have recently surged in popularity. (Good Design 2021 for Barka and Moja series)