LEVA blocks developed since 2015

14. 1. 2021

Maybe you want to live a simple life. Maybe you just live in a small house and would like more space, and more fun.

Our colleague found himself in a situation that combined both. Being a designer, he came up with a little cubic house which, due to its dimensions, does not even count as proper architecture (5x5 m, no building permission required). Living there is possible, even cosy, but really rudimentary.

From the very beginning, he planned to extend his living space with a little help from our LEVA home modular system. That is how the five-cube structure was born. A terrace of five basic modules, delineating one edge of the property. Each equipped with LEVA accessories and Egoé furniture elements to create a multi-purpose living space.

Suspended bed for relaxation, outdoor kitchen topped off with a flower pot system for fresh herbs. Dining space and lounge. Playroom for children complemented with a climbing wall and blackboard. All and everything made from materials intended for outdoor use throughout the year.

All in all, a very good example of how to make the best of the LEVA system in your garden. How to acquire more living space and live a more active life at home. LEVA is a building block system on several levels. The minimalist wooden cubes can be assembled into various structures. Assembly is quite easy and the metal connectors allow to cluster as many as four cubes around one point. A choice of floors, roofs and walls. Accessories designed specifically for LEVA make the most of the available space and we are still adding new ones to extend their range.

Designed for and available at our sister brand Egoé life.