Leva cubes: the outdoor workspace

23. 10. 2020

Leva is a modular system which helps you create a defined space outdoors.

Its key element is a simple wooden cube (2200x2200x2400 mm) which can be equipped to serve different purposes. The office/study was one of the original functions our designers had in mind when they first came up with the Leva system in 2016.

Currently, the demand for outdoor offices is growing rapidly due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Corporate employers as well as a rising number of home-office workers urgently need to diversity and isolate their places of work. With five years of experience and development, we have come a long way in making Leva as functional as possible, without making unrealistic promises.

Last year we teamed up with the engagement agency JuiceUP who help us recognise and define different needs of different workers so we can make the Leva office really suit everyone’s needs.

Daniel Golík, the chief designer for Leva, describes the idea of the modular system: “We are creating a space, offering possibilities which can make the work you normally do indoors much more pleasant and colourful. And we are aiming at the most elementary, simplest possible solutions. To make you think, when looking at them: yes, this is the only way they could have been designed.”

Leva system includes two types of roof, different walls, including a sound-proof wall made from recycled tyres and an integrated desk. The cube can be further equipped to serve as an individual study, a conference room or, supplied with a soft floor, a space for basic physical relaxation. All elements are designed to fit an individually installed single cube as well as multiple-cube structures.

The catalogue of Leva accessories will soon include a whiteboard for conference rooms, integrated seating or a folding roof.


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