Leva makes life better for senior citizens

25. 6. 2021

If you visit Krnov up until September you will encounter many artistic or architectural interventions and installations throughout this town, which are meant to initiate discussion, emphasize certain elements of a specific urban situation and draw attention to contemporary issues.

One of such issues is undoubtedly the quality of life of senior citizens.

We were happy to join in and install two double-cubes Leva just outside a senior citizens’ home in Krnov. The clients of the home as well as members of the public can now enjoy a comfortable break in the open air, protected from direct sunlight, and enjoy the views of Opava river and its surroundings. We are grateful for the positive feedback as well as tips and advice from the inhabitants of the senior citizens‘ home. We are also happy that the town has expressed interest in keeping Levas installed permanently.