Minimalism meets minimalism

10. 4. 2020

Contemporary world is quite complex, isn't it. Therefore design and architecture needs to be simple.

Studio 519 stands behind design of Egoe Dip skis. They look simple but believe it or not we spent a lot of time finding the right composition of the ski core and also appropriate visual appearance. The result is really minimalistic. We were also considering the way how to present the final product and came up with an idea to interconnect the skis with sophisticated architecture. Therefore we asked architect Robert Konieczny of Katowice (KWK Promes) to combine his iconic weekend house Ark located in the Silesian Beskids and the collection of our skis Dip.

design: collection Egoé Dip by studio 519
architecture: Konieczny’s Ark by KWK Promes
photography: Boys Play Nice