3. 4. 2022

Our camping car kit family has been extended to include standard family cars.

The desire for outdoor holidays led one of our designers to purchase a caravan. That was many years ago. He found out that he couldn't drive or park the caravan very well, especially in the city. So the idea was born to create a compact camping kit that would fit in the boot of a car and, when unfolded, provide the comfort of standard accommodation. Comfortable sleeping, an equipped kitchen, a shower. And an ingenious use of every inch of space to store things as neatly as possible for the journey.

Like the rest of the population, we at Egoé own all sorts of cars. Gradually, the need grew not only to equip all our passionate colleagues with a customised Nestbox, but more importantly to provide the experiences we love about this type of travel to as wide a public as possible. Thus, over the course of seven years, five types of camping kits were gradually developed, to fit into vans as well small SUVs (such as the Dacia Duster).

Then it was time to take on a new challenge: to create a solution for comfortable travel with the standard family car. The most important limiting parameter here was the trunk height. Even with the lowest Nestbox, it was impossible to ensure comfortable sleeping without the risk of claustrophobia. To maintain key service functions, storage space had to be reduced. Thus the Nestboard was born, whose very name hints at the most radical change to the shape of the kit in its history.

What we fit in: a simplified removable cooker, folding sink, water bag module with electric pump. And a fold-out bed base with a comfortable slimmed-down mattress (4 cm), including pull-out side pieces that increase sleeping space.

The storage compartments under the HPL top of the kitchen module are suitable, for example, for food storage. Mobile dividers are used to organise and secure the cargo in them. The module is positioned lower than the Nestbox and can therefore also be used as a dining table. The graphics on the top plates indicate four table settings. The boards can also be flipped over and you can discover their other function as board game surfaces.

Even with the Nestboard, additional luggage can be placed in the car without having to fold down the rear seats. Space can be created under or on top of the height-adjusted kit. We are also currently developing a roof tent that can comfortably sleep two more people. As always: we strive for visual unity and functionality in every detail.