Our smallest camping car kit

3. 8. 2020

Nestbox Tramp is the latest and smallest camping car assembly designed by studio 519. Its size, price and user comfort make it much more accessible than its predecessors.

The story of Nestbox started when we designed the first one for our own use. We had tried the traditional camper car, but it proved to be quite clumsy. It is great for getting you from point A to a camping site where you spend the rest of your holiday but not so convenient for an actual “on the road” experience. However, we were not ready to give up the comfort it offers. That is how Nestbox Roamer, Hiker and Supertramp were born, for vans, big SUVs or off-roads, each one to use every inch of space available in the particular type of vehicle. Camper was more compact, but still required a spacious boot.

Soon we felt that we wanted as many people as possible to have access to the kind of holiday experience we love most. We needed to come up with design that would enable the Nestbox to fit into even smaller cars than the Camper. We set ourselves a goal: the new assembly must fit into a standard family car, it must be economical, extremely easy to install and use. At the same time, it must provide the level of comfort which would still make travelling with it as enjoyable as with its much bigger siblings. It should also look good in family cars, nothing pretentious or overcomplicated.

First we had to narrow the structure to make it fit into a 95-cm wide boot opening. That of course meant making changes to the modules. The width dictates the size of the sleeping space, the length of which remains very good – 195 cm.

The cooker was reduced in size and form. As a result, it is now even easier to take it out of the assembly and use it outside or take it on a hike. The holder for the cooker is made from a simple piece of metal sheet, more of a metalwork than arts-and-crafts. With accessories like knife or cutting board in their special niches, you still have that cosy kitchen feeling. The original water module was replaced with a 15-litre water bag equipped with a leg pump. You can place it in the sun to warm the water up, then hang it on a branch to take a shower. Instead of the fridge there is a thermal bag. As a result, all the functions from bigger kits were preserved. The process of reduction did not result in diminished comfort. Only the handling is cruder, more straightforward. Additional accessories, clever hacks and handy compartments still make the traveller feel pampered. There is one interesting benefit to these changes: Tramp is not electricity-dependent.

The aesthetic quality goes hand in hand with functionality. The surfaces are smooth and simple, colours and colour combinations carry emotions. The use of wood as the principal material is significant in creating an authentic experience of being in sync with nature.

We named our new Nestbox Tramp to honour the strong tradition of tramping in the Czech Republic. And we first installed it into the boot of a Dacia Duster.

“We consider Tramp to be perhaps the most authentic of the Nestbox series. In a smaller car, with lower budget, you can still enjoy the essential: spending time in nature while still being able to cook and sleep comfortably,” sums up Radek Hegmon, the author of the Nestbox idea.

Nestbox received the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award this year, for its design and superb craftsmanship.