Štok: as simple as it gets

2. 11. 2020

Minimalist shapes, natural materials, traditional surface treatment.

Assembly of its individual parts is easy - you can do it without tools. It makes for seating or a slender table, plant pot stool, bookshelf or a bedside table. You can use it to create stylish seating even in modest spaces, on balconies and small yards.

The story of its birth is fascinating. Our designer was building outdoor seating spots in nature using furniture from our other series when gradually a feeling became urgent and pronounced: to not bring into the woods anything that would not disintegrate there without a trace. What followed were months of learning and traditional woodwork courses. Then, in the Beskydy Mountains, the prototype of today’s Štok was born. The designer was to travel back home to Prague by train. He decided to make a piece of furniture that could be disassembled when needed, transported easily and put together again manually. Wood without a single nail or glue. Its simple, humble shape won our hearts immediately. It brings our seating furniture projects back to basics: Štok refers to "štokrle," historically a milking stool.

Currently, we are working on different size and material variations so Štok can have as many uses as possible. It will soon be on offer by our sister brand Egoé life.