Tailor-made bus station roofing

22. 5. 2020

Some years ago we designed the roofing for Kuřim's train station so to be approached again by the municipality to supply the design of their new bus station is very rewarding.

The investor inspected some of our designs in other Czech cities and was inspired to demand a single roofing which would allow travellers to move between the five platforms and the station building while being continuously sheltered from rain.

It was part of our assignment to harmonize the new structure with the recently renovated station building. We achieved this through materials employed (wooden canopy on the station building resonates with our panelling of the wall along the way to platform 2), but also through colour scheme and contrast: adjacent to the building is the darkest roof which feels like a graphic ellement on the background of the building. Also, the divergent lines of the building plan and the edge of this adjacent platform are addressed in the glass triangle overhead which is and ellegant way to express the difference but also the mutual respect between the two ellements.

Due to the immediate proximity of private housing we needed to come up with solutions to create visual as well as accoustic barrier at the station. These are provided by the wood-pannelled wall as well as the tall glass panels with graphic design which will render them opaque.

The designing process is now finished. We will bring you updates on further development.