Ulita - Solution for Simple Life

24. 4. 2022

How far can you go if you want to reduce the size of a house while not compromising on all the comforts and facilities of modern living?

… we asked ourselves three years ago. The question was preceded by a thought, or rather a feeling, that the bigger the house you live in, the more it weighs you down mentally and the more time-consuming it is. We started living on 25 square metres, which helped us define the assignment: affordable, easy to assemble housing that ideally doesn't even need planning permission. We also wanted, for example, to let in as much natural light as we could, to integrate furniture and appliances as efficiently as possible, or to ensure that the building is very energy-efficient.

Step by step, we worked the concept out in every detail and to maximum functionality.

The result is a living space with a full-fledged kitchen, a dining area, a comfortably large sleeping area, and two separate/separable rooms, making Ulita modular and also suitable for a family with two children.

The multi-level floor ensures plenty of storage drawers and cupboards, maximum use of space and easy movement between all modules, including a three-step access to the bedroom. The bathroom with toilet and washing machine at the heart of the house is ventilated by a recovery system, heating is provided by a heat pump. 

The children's room is equipped with extra pull-out beds for a sleep-over.

We've designed a home that fits like a shell.