You are helping us find lost keys from design

9. 9. 2021

Two production halls turned into exhibition rooms. A truck, shoe-socks, a scooter, surgical equipment, plasma torch, radiant infant warmer, modular glasses, office chair, woollen blanket, solid fuel boiler. What do they have in common?

Well, someone had to make them. And someone else had to come up with the idea in the first place. Using a pen and paper, just like in the old times, just like children do.

That someone, a designer, is mostly not a superstar you would have heard of from the media. She/he is a member of a team. Cooperating with production, marketing and sales. The result is a mass-produced item that looks good, functions impeccably and sells well so everyone who has participated in its development gets their wages. We are talking about industrial design.

All of you who came to visit, during our WiFič VEN! festival, the following weekend or with their class on a school trip, provided us with valuable feedback.

Thank you!