Are We Really "Eco"?

28. 7. 2022

It's high time to take sustainability seriously and make real changes.

We are not alone in feeling this way. Veronika Pařízková, curator of the exhibition called Eco?, presents the results of an in-depth examination of the real impacts of the production, use and end-of-life disposal of specific products of Czech companies that proclaim their commitment to ecology. One of these products is our all-wood Štok. In cooperation with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague a template for evaluating individual aspects of sustainability of almost two dozen products was created. And the results? We all have a lot of catching up to do. Because, as the head of the research team, Prof. Vladimír Kočí, says: "Design has a greater impact on the ecology of products than is usually assumed. When a designer designs a product in an inappropriate way, he or she is responsible for the environmental damage caused."

You can visit the exhibition until 31st July at Mariánské náměstí in Prague. After that, it will travel to many other European cities thanks to the Czech Centres network. IIt will also be online from 4th August. This is one of the activities that our country wants to undertake as part of its EU Presidency to show that we are serious about sustainability.